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Cold Launcher [ROOT] v1.5.2 APK

Monday, 29 June 2015

Cold Launcher [ROOT] v1.5.2 APK

Cold Launcher [ROOT] net.ohrz.coldlauncher

Cold Launcher is a simple yet revolutionary launcher which can freeze/defrost apps right on the desktop, it's also the first Android launcher to have this functionality. After freezing(disabling) apps, they are just like uninstalled but actually not, you can defrost them with a single touch! No more annoying background services or auto start! It can help save battery life by freezing apps you don't use so often, perfect for people who like to install lots of apps but don't want to slow down their Android devices because of background services or auto-starts.

✔ based on Trebuchet (CM12) Launcher
✔ a simple launcher, no complex preferences
✔ all apps on the desktop (like iOS), no app drawer or shortcuts
✔ freeze apps you don't use so often, defrost them with a single touch. No more background services or auto-starts

Paid version features:
✔ app drawer
✔ freeze all apps in a folder
✔ launch app after defrost
✔ freeze system app
✔ icon size option

In version 1.5 and later, long click an app icon to freeze/defrost app

Your phone needs ROOT in order to freeze/defrost apps

What's in this version : (Updated : Jun 27, 2015)
  • Fixed unable to remove invalid icon issue in some cases
  • Fixed overlapped icon issue when adding widgets
  • Removed app drawer
  • Removed some options
  • Changing icon pack without restart app
  • Other bug fixes
  • View all versions' changelog at:
Required Android O/S : 4.2+

Screenshots :
Cold Launcher [ROOT] - screenshot
Cold Launcher [ROOT] - screenshotCold Launcher [ROOT] - screenshot
Cold Launcher [ROOT] - screenshot
Cold Launcher [ROOT] - screenshot
Cold Launcher [ROOT] - screenshot

Download : 3M APK